Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Socks and Mittens; January 2017...it's not too late!

I missed the Christmas deadline for making mittens, instead giving attention to knitting dollies for the girls. With precious granddaughters living in Meridian, Idaho, and a record snow year as well as chilling temperatures, I decided it can't be too late to send along some of grandma's knitted mittens. In truth, this is my first time at knitting mittens, but since I have the knack of sock knitting downpat, mittens have turned out to be easy enough.  As for socks, the current pair I'm working on have been in my basket for...over a year??? At a certain point I made a huge stitch booboo, which ended up a tangled mess when I tried to correct. Thus, I unraveled the whole mess and here's my progress...back on track.

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