Thursday, December 18, 2014

On your way to Idaho, little doll!

Today is December 18, and she is finished!  Welcome to the world little darling.  Now you are on your way to the far-away land of Idaho, intended for a special little girlie.  The doll was knit, using Susan B. Anderson's pattern, Mary, Millie and Morgan, and Patons Classic Wool DK Superwash in various colors.  I did change the face a wee bit and especially the hair, deviating from the pattern. 

Merry Christmas, Natalie!  I hope you love this little doll as much as I loved making her.  Yours truly, Grandma

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Knit Doll; still in progress

December 16:  Here's my first attempt at dollie hair and a face. Not so sure I got it quite right, but with Christmas around the corner I may have to let her go as is. What remains to work on is her knit wardrobe, a skirt, a top and a shawl.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

In time for Christmas? Susan B. Anderson Knit Doll

Today is December 6.  Oh you KNITTY NOODLE! Yesterday I began this Susan B. Anderson knitted dolly project for Christmas giving.  I have three granddaughters, you see...we call them the girlies...ages 11, 5 and 3.  The knitting's going quickly, but not quickly enough.  I can finish one for sure, maybe two.  This pattern ensemble includes knitting instructions for the doll (three color variations) and clothes to go along (a shawl, a top and a skirt).  About the only thing I'm calculating right now, is how old will the girlies be next year.  Not too old for handmade dollies from Grandma, I hope; there's always next year to get these done and send them along.  It is my goal to get at least one set done (doll and clothes) for Christmas giving.  It's the youngest girlie who actually loves dolls as much as I do, with hands-on loving; however, I can't make just one, you see.  The catch is that the Dollie #1 has to ship from California to Idaho; there's enough time if I put all else aside, I do believe.