Saturday, November 28, 2009

Felted Bowl - First Try

This was my first attempt to felt a knitted piece. I have read that wool needs the agitation of a top-loading washing machine to loosen the fibers in the yarn so that felting can happen, but my machine is a side-loading type and I'm not so sure that complete felting occurred. The bowl holds its shape but it's still very pliable. I think that a felted object should be more scratchy and stiff. Nevertheless, here's an artsy photo of my first felted bowl. I plan to decorate the outside of the bowl using colorful wool strands (pictured in the bowl). Photo location: In a clay pot in Jaden's fairy garden on the west side of the Casita.

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Simple Knitter

Welcome to Knitty Noodle, a place to read about projects and share thoughts about knitting and other things. I am happy to be part of a vast community of knitters, joined by a common interest, a love of local yarn shops, wooly yarn, pointy needles and all things knitting. I enjoy whimsical things and simple living.