Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mittens and Hat; Big Twist Sincerely - Pink Denim

Child's Mittens and Hat (for 6-12 yrs old).  I used Big Twist Sincerely, Pink Denim, 100% Acrylic, purchased from JoAnn's on sale. One 5 oz ball (270 yds) was enough to make this set. Hat pattern from Love; Baby, Child, Adult "Little Petal" Slouchy Hat; designer Jessica Rose Hand Knits. Mittens pattern from, GrammasKnittedGifts, "Classic Kids Mittens". I purchased both the hat and mitten patterns for a reasonable cost and am glad I did. Both had good instructions, easy enough to follow, with great results. The slouchy hat is adorable.
So cute!!!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Hat and Mittens for Natalie

Finished the mittens and thought a matching hat would be nice.  The hat took one full day of knitting to complete.  That's a crocheted flower; see the little pompom in the center of the flower? That's a Knitty Noodle kind of adornment. This set is for Natalie, age 5.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mittens - Big Twist Yarns; Sincerely (Cupcake Confetti)

Child-size knitted mittens, hot off the needles, to send to snowy Idaho; winter 2017. These mittens have good body and thickness. I simply love working with this yarn, Big Twist Sincerely (Cupcake Confetti), 100% Acrylic, 5 oz., which I purchased on sale from JoAnn's.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Socks and Mittens; January's not too late!

I missed the Christmas deadline for making mittens, instead giving attention to knitting dollies for the girls. With precious granddaughters living in Meridian, Idaho, and a record snow year as well as chilling temperatures, I decided it can't be too late to send along some of grandma's knitted mittens. In truth, this is my first time at knitting mittens, but since I have the knack of sock knitting downpat, mittens have turned out to be easy enough.  As for socks, the current pair I'm working on have been in my basket for...over a year??? At a certain point I made a huge stitch booboo, which ended up a tangled mess when I tried to correct. Thus, I unraveled the whole mess and here's my progress...back on track.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Knitted Things in 2017; Bucket List Coming Soon

"hmmmm..."says the Ballerina, "Can she, will she?"

2016 is quickly coming to a close. I am happy that I finished knitted dollies before Christmas to send along to the girlies in Idaho (dear granddaughters of mine). During this year's last-minute Christmas knitting flurries, with mailing deadlines hanging over my head, I noted to myself that next year I would plan and knit far in advance, maybe beginning NOW? First, I must create a bucket list of those crafty projects that I have my mind, to complete for 2017 Christmas giving. Can do?

Snow Dollie for Natalie; Christmas 2016

Snow Dollie for Natalie found its way to Idaho for Christmas. "Winter Dolls" pattern by CSKraft (purchased at Etsy). I'm hooked on knitting dollies and toys for my grandchildren.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Chloe's Ballerina Doll; Christmas 2016

Finished Chloe's ballerina knitted doll in time for Christmas.  Pattern Designer: Hello Dolly Knitting (Etsy) - Hazel the Dancing Ballerina. Funny little mouse in fabulous sweater is also done and ready to send on its way. I'll be making more of these.